20. 5. - 26. 5.

Doprovodná událost

Týdne inovací ČR 2019

Design Thinking Awareness Masterclass

20. 5. 2019 - 14:00

InnoLab – Štěfánikova 256/34, Praha 5

Pořadatel: Skupina Komerční banka

Kontakt: Registrace na e-mailu: mujnapad@kb.cz

www: www.kb.cz/cs

In cooperation with ASSU International we are glad to invite you to the unique

3-hour design thinking workshop DESIGN THINKING AWARENESS MASTERCLASS.

The workshop represents a Deep Dive into Design thinking principles and methodology.

Best way to Learn is by doing, so you will be working in teams on an inspiring but important thematic experiencing most common tools of Design thinking as Personas, Interviews, Brainstorming, Analyzing and prioritizing, Test & Pivot, Pitching of your ideas.

There will be a winning project of course and at the end you will be able to identify some tools to test in your everyday life.

The course will be held in English.