20. 5. - 26. 5.

Doprovodná událost

Týdne inovací ČR 2019

Innovation in education of managers in leadership skills!

20. 5. 2019

Opero, Salvátorská 931/8, Praha 1

Pořadatel: International Association for Managers Potential

Kontakt: Laurent Laval: generalsecretary@iam-potential.org, T +420 773 531 858

www: www.iam-potential.org

Please accept our invitation and taste the most effective way how to use your time and be a better manager now and the best leader in future! 

Hosted by: Laurent Laval, General Secretary at IAM Potential

Expert: Carleen Binet, professor of psychology

Price: CZK 500


First session: 9:00 - 12:00, coffee from 8:30 (still 2 places left)

Second session 13:30 – 16:30, coffee from 13:00

Learn the magic of learning more than people say. You will discover the powerful way of education at Potential by sharing on your real cases with experts and also with peers from different industries and different nationalities.

This time, our invitation accepted founder and president of the French School of Morphophychology Ms. Carleen Binet, who was born in the US, but spend her career in Brazil, Morocco, Spain, Venezuela and France.

She helps managers to find their power and legitimacy and she will be here to help you within 3 powerful hours.

During her workshop you will learn facial features reading and interpreting, how to establish your own social profile and find out how to communicate immediately with different type of personalities, adapting your communication to their needs, avoiding costly blunders.

For registration please contact Laurent Laval: generalsecretary@iam-potential.org, T +420 773 531 858

(In order to validate and to be using immediately this workshop please send us in advance a picture of a person (in.jpg) you would like to improve the communication with).